Sunday School Department
We welcome you to attend our Sunday School program. The Sunday School department is an exciting and satisfying part of our church ministry. Sunday School is considered to be the educational head of the church. It provides the first avenue for increased knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. We feel it is imperative to be a growing Christian. Your participation will provide an opportunity for growing as a person and as a Christian in the fellowship around God's Word.

Bible Study
Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. Matthew 11:29a. Through the study of God's word we learn about God and His plan for our life, both individually and as a church body. Bible Study is designed to to facilitate in-depth study and exploration of God's Word and to equip people to grow in their faith and apply it practically in their lives.

Economic Literacy
Economic Literacy is an activity of Saint Samuel Church of God in Christ helps promote financial responsibility. The goal of economic literacy is to expose and prepare our families with knowledge of the stock market, the global economy, and macro economics in order to sustain a better quality of life for their families today and in the future.

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