Music Department
Singing is a vital part of the worship service. This ministry uses vocal (singing) and instrumental (piano, guitar, organ, drums and other instruments) sounds to relay a message concerning Christ. This ministry serves as an exciting and effective method of soul winning.

The Adult choir, the St. Samuel Deliverance choir, sings every Sunday for morning worship service, as well as the Praise and Worship team.

The Youth choir develops our young people for ministry in song. This ministry is exciting for them. Not only do the children learn to minister in song, but they also are having fellowship with other children who are being taught the ways of Christ, while developing their voices.

The Men's Chorus is an exciting ministry led by the men of the congregation. Their talent in vocals range from baritone to tenor. When these men send praises of song going up, blessings come pouring down.

Praise and Worship team leads the congregation in songs of thanksgiving and praise to God for all the blessings the He has given us. The worship portion focuses on the greatness of God and exalting Him.

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