The benefits of a good church cannot really be measured. But the tangible evidence is enough to convince us--a good church is worth the search and commitment.

Among the benefits a good church can provide are:
Finding God and His will - In the context of the church, we find that with God, all of life becomes meaningful and we can get assurance for life here and eternally.

Inner Peace and Strength - Most everyone wants to be better than they are, and know if they are going to make it, the need a greater power of their own. In church they learn to find that Power in God, and encouragement from other believers. They derive peace to fill the emptiness of their lives.

Friendship - The church provides friendship and a sense of belonging, both of which are vital for mental and emotional health.

Improved Family Life - The church helps strengthen family life. Ask a family who attends regularly.

Personal Care - A person who regularly attends church knows the value of the care, concern and support of our members.

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