Our Leaders
Our Pastor's purpose is clear. He helps to establish and comfort the saints so we will stand firm under duress, and stand victorious under temptation. He effectively does this through Godly leadership. He is consistent in his behavior, principled in his experience, and complimented by his peers. He does all these things through a pattern of behavior that is not that of a dictator, but as a delegator. Not through force, but as a facilitator. Our Pastor leads us, by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, in the paths of righteousness. He is an example to the believers.

Of particular interest to the congregation is Pastor Paul's consistent heed to his teaching. He always makes sure that his and other's teaching is accurate with the Word of God, particularly where his congregation is concerned. He helps us to "Study to show OURSELVES approved unto God, workmen who need not be ashamed RIGHTLY dividing the word of truth". (2Tim 2:15).

Elders in the church assist the Pastor in his role and duty as leader of the church. All members of Saint Samuel are encouraged to develop a relationship the leaders of the church are prayer warriors and assist in the ministry of the church.

Paul Bains, Senior Pastor
Cheryl Bains, First Lady
R Mathews, Associate Pastor
Mildred Twine, Church Mother

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