Women's Department
Women have become Christians as a result of other women who have touched them at their point of need--as teachers, health workers, reading tutors, or visiting neighbors. The Women's Department has a vital role of spiritually developing women.

Mothers' Board
The role of the local church mother is indeed one of great importance and a "must" for a growing church. This board is made up of a group of seasoned and well-informed women in the church administration. The major responsibility is to help build every auxiliary of the Women's Department in the local church.

Women's Fellowship
Women can reach the heart of other women and connect on a level that is closed to men. And when the women find the Lord, the men often aren't far behind. If women can bring men into the church, they have a better home life.

Single Mother's Motivated Ministry
An auxiliary of Saint Samuel Church of God in Christ dedicated to supporting single female parents. It is a ministry for single female parents who are facing life issues and striving to be the very best parents, the best bread winners, as well as the best in living wholeheartedly for God.


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